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During a copywriting career spanning thirty years, offline and then online, Nick has worked with dozens of major companies and organizations, including...


Citibank, Apple, Chrysler, Franklin Mint, TV Guide, Diners Club International, Looksmart, MSN, Ricoh, Yahoo!, The Getty Trust, The New York Times, John Deere, Reuters, Encyclopedia Britannica and America Online.


He has been honored with fifteen major awards for his direct response copywriting work, both in Europe and North America.


Since 1997, he has been working exclusively on marketing online.


He is a widely read author and columnist on writing for the Web and has written literally hundreds of articles for Clickz.com, MarketingProfs.com, iMediaConnection.com and for Business 2.0.


He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, 'Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy'.


In addition he is a highly-rated speaker at conferences, and runs copywriting training days for some of the world’s largest companies.


You can find out about his own freelance copywriting business, and track record, at nickusborne.com.


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"Nick possesses a sixth sense when it comes to the customer - he understands what makes them tick, how they talk, what motivates them. And he has a x-ray sort of vision about the material for which he prepares copy - he brilliantly translates features into benefits."


Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, FutureNow Inc




"Nick fuses 20 years' experience in offline copywriting with an utterly convincing insistence that the online variety is altogether a different animal. Elegantly mixing hands-on tutorials, sage advice, and cutting-edge tips, Nick's seminar is illuminating for Net newbies and veterans alike."


Brad Berens, Ph.D.
Executive Editor, iMedia Communications



"Nick Usborne is one of our most popular speakers at Search Engine Strategies, and I consistently get positive feedback about his


Danny Sullivan
Editor, SearchEngine