The benefits of coaching in exactly 25 words.


At the begining of each issue of my coaching newsletter I write a short description of one aspect of the benefits of coaching.


Rather than dig through your email files, you can find all these descriptions on this page. Each week I will add a new one.


And yes they are all exactly 25 words in length.


  • Sometimes you need help to break open old ways of thinking that are fixed in your mind, and cannot be dismantled without some outside coaching.


  • A good coach can take you beyond the daily grind of copywriting piecework and help you turn your writing talents into a long-term, residual income.


  • A good coach can help you rediscover and then achieve business dreams from your past that somehow got lost when "life got in the way".


  • You may know how you want to position your business, but unless you write a strong positioning statement, your prospects won't get the right message.


  • If nothing else, a good coach will help you tackle the issue of how you price your work, and help you substantially increase your fees.


  • Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to recognize one's own strengths. A good business coach can show you what your key strengths are.


  • One hour with a coach can help you see the direction you really want to take with your freelance business, perhaps for the first time.


  • A coach is the person who raps your knuckles when you don't follow up on tasks that will help build and improve your freelance business.


  • A good freelance business coach will help you put aside distractions and focus your attention on what matters most to you, both professionally and personally.


  • When you work for yourself at home, you are truly alone, and can benefit enormously from the external structure and discipline a coach can provide.


  • When you work with a coach, you enjoy the benefits of working with a mentor, advisor, investigator and ardent supporter – all at the same time.


  • While you focus on doing great work now, your coach is taking the long view and steering you towards a more profitable and fulfilling future.


  • The fastest way a good coach can help you is by showing you something you already know about yourself, but have never seen clearly before.


  • There is enormous value to be had from having a trusted, experienced coach at your side who is focused totally on helping you achieve success.


  • A few coaching sessions on your pricing strategies can not only double your income for the year, but also transform how you grow your business.


  • Being just a few degrees off in the direction you take your freelance business can make the difference between becoming a leader and getting lost.


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