Articles for writers and copywriters who want to build a more successful freelance business.


Working with a coach is like firing up a jet pack for your freelance business.


Failure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it sucks.


I accept any kind of copywriting work right now. But it’s just temporary.


As a freelancer, you sometimes need to step outside of your natural character.


I worked like crazy all day, but have no idea what I did.


Do you use social media as a business tool, or because you’re lonely?


How much do freelancers actually make an hour? (It’s a lot less than you think.)


How to generate qualified business leads from your freelance website.


If you want to feel happier as a freelancer, set some more ambitious and worthwhile goals.


How many qualified leads does your freelance website deliver?


Are you still riding the fading momentum of smart choices you made several years ago?


How much do you invest in your education and professional development?


Alpha freelancers seek out and accept only high-value engagements. You can do the same.


Why I don’t compete with other freelancers or solo professionals.


Don’t let your time rule you. Rule your time.


Why we are so susceptible to buying into the promise of get rich quick.


Your personal brand is a fictional character. So make it a good one.


The only person responsible for achieving your true potential is you.


The productivity benefits of segmenting your day.


To boost your writing productivity, get a second screen.


I am not “the average of the five people I spend the most time with."


Don’t let your freelance business tagline box you in.


Put your freelance business first, not your clients.


Freelance success depends on being able to color over the lines.


Job one for any freelance writer is to write well.


When business slows down, ask yourself whether your heart is in your work.


Differentiate yourself by taking a clear position in your area of interest.


Are you building an audience of readers, or an audience of prospects?


Make some kind of a splash between now and the end of the year.


Make more money with the Step-Up Process for freelancers.


Get into the minds of your prospective clients in advance of when they need your services.


How good are you at balancing your work with your home life?


Your freelance business is built on three separate pillars, the third of which is usually the weakest.


How should you respond when your copywriting niche starts shrinking?


Is it time to write yourself a NOT-To-Do list?


Tap into the power of asking yourself tough questions about your freelance business.


How to start closing the gap between your potential and what you actually achieve.


Are you an opportunity-seeker or an entrepreneur?


Whatever the next step in your freelance business, execute it with speed and energy.


Look at all the programs, courses and downloads you have purchased this year. Do they all point in the same direction?


3 Reasons why freelance writers and copywriters seek help from coaches.


What would happen if you decided to think and act BIGGER?


Do you know what you’ll be working on three months from today? I do.


Set a course for your freelance writing business, with a clear destination.


The 5 elements of a profitable freelance writing or copywriting niche.


To maximize your freelance income, find the gap.


Sometimes, it’s OK to give yourself a break.


“I would like to change what I’m doing, but can’t afford to take the risk.”


Make a big splash once or twice a year. In other words, get noticed.


To compete as a freelancer in a down economy, you have to break out of the ordinary.


How my father helped me in business. And how I misunderstood him in one important way.


Do you have power over your problems, or do they have power over you?


Just because you are a freelancer doesn't mean you have to be alone.


The “paired approach” to finding the best freelance writing or copywriting niche.


Are you just a freelancer or do you have a freelance business?


Achieving worthwhile goals usually involves delayed gratification. But not always.


Taking one step at a time may not be cool, but it works.


Do the people around you lift you up or pull you down?


Remember this about your prospective freelance clients – they don’t know you.


To get new freelance assignments, follow the path of least resistance.


How being coached at the beginning of your freelance career can become the first of many cumulative advantages


When you feel momentum, use it or lose it.


Can you say you're very good at what you do, and really mean it?


The problem is...I started to think.


When you have a good idea, how BIG do you make it?


As the boss of your own freelance business, how good are you?


Do you feel braver in the morning?


Identify what kind of freelance work makes you feel good, then leverage what you learn.


Use a Gantt chart to prioritize your freelance projects and calm your mind.


The eternal freelance "Yes, but..." internal dialog.


Differentiate yourself as a freelancer with your authentic life story.


Job #1 is to pay the bills. Job #2 is to build your business.


What are your freelance business plans for 2010?


Do you remember those dreams you once had?


Step back. Step back. Step back.


You can't build good habits on a foundation of bad habits.


Freelance niches, positioning and differentiation.


Companies charge higher fees than freelancers.


Are you proud of your freelance business web site?


Be very careful about having any one client account for too much of your freelance business income.


Don't charge for the services of the person you see in the mirror.


Protect your income by finding clients outside of your local area.


How distractions reduce your freelance income.


When you ignore items on your To-Do list, are you simply deferring a real problem?


What if I forced you to double the freelance fees you charge?


When you're feeling overwhelmed, step back and take a deep breath.


Teach yourself to pause and do a "value check" from time to time.


Aim beyond the income you need to make each month.


Are you productive, or just busy?


The Power of Saying No to Your Clients


Tired of prospecting for clients? Wouldn't you prefer that they approached YOU?


When setting your goals, don't think just about money.


Improve your writing with an imaginary critique


Of all the assignments you have written over the last year, which was your favorite?


Sell your Value, not your Time


Can you really make 6 figures as a freelance copywriter? Or is it all hype?


Freelance Copywriting and the Power of Self-Confidence


The 4 Elements of Building Your Brand as a Freelance Copywriter




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