Freelance Copywriting and the Power of Self-Confidence.


Whether you are just starting out as a freelance copywriter, or have been freelancing for the last two decades, one essential ingredient of success is your level of self-confidence.


Without self-confidence, you will never achieve your goals or dreams.


Self-confidence impacts every aspect of your business


Your level of self-confidence will influence how you feel about sitting down to work each day.


It will influence every phone call with clients and prospective clients.


It will make a difference to the quality of the work you do.


It will influence the choice of companies you contact when looking for new work.


It will influence any marketing materials you create for your business.


It will influence how you price your services.


It will influence your productivity each day, to a remarkable degree.


You have to feel confident about what you are doing


Self-confidence not only gives you a vauable internal boost, in everything you do, but also generates an important but unseen signal to everyone you do business with.


For instance, when you are talking with a prospective client about pricing for a new project, a high level of self confidence will enable you to name a price that truly reflects your value.


Just as important, the prospective client will feel your level of self-confidence and is more likely to agree to your estimate.


If the client feels any hesitation or uncertainty in your proposal, he or she is more likely to push back and ask for a lower estimate.


In this way, self-confidence is infectious. It makes you feel good, but also has a feel-good effect on the people you deal with.


Self-confidence is deep and true, not bluster


What you need is the real thing. You need to feel genuinely confident about your work and your dealings with clients and suppliers.


A big mouth and bluster won’t achieve the same effect. It’s like standing in front of a used car salesman and listening to the pretence of self-confidence. When it’s not genuine, when it’s a sham, you don’t achieve the same result...the person you are dealing with will feel cautious and defensive, the same way we all do when we are dealing with a pushy salesman.


So how do you become self-confident?


The foundation for freelance copywriters is to be sure that you are working within an area or niche in which you feel totally comfortable.


You have to feel good about what you are doing. You have to like your subject and like the companies with which you want to do business.


You also have to feel confident that even if you are not a true expert in your niche right now, it’s only a matter of time.


For clients to trust and respect you, it’s important that you be an authority in your field.


And in the early days of your career as a freelance copywriter, you need to feel that the goal of becoming an industry authority is achievable, and something you want.


Concluding thoughts...


Self-confidence lies at the root of every success and positive feeling and achievement.


If you feel that a high level of self-confidence in your freelance work is not achievable, then you’re probably working in the wrong niche.


And if that’s the case, you may need some help and guidance to help you find a niche you can truly enjoy and feel deeply confident about.


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