The eternal freelance "Yes, but..." internal dialog.


When working with coaching clients I sometimes describe a particular way in which my mind functions while dealing with some aspect of my own work.


More often than not, my clients then say it's like I climbed inside their heads and saw their own thought processes in action.


I'm not psychic, so I usually conclude that as freelance writers and copywriters we share a lot of the same internal struggles and challenges.


So, maybe you have experience with your own equivalent of my internal "Yes, but..." monster.


Here's how it goes...

Me: "I think there's some real potential in that new aspect of my business I was thinking about."


Monster: "Yes, but..."


Me: "I need to put aside some time this week and map out my plans for the next few months."


Monster: "Yes, but..."


Me: "I really think that if I took the following 3 steps, I could double my income this year."


Monster: "Yes, but..."

We're probably all familiar with how the "Yes, but..." approach is a sure way to kill conversation or any kind of meaningful communication between two people.


It's a kind of shorthand for saying, "I wasn't actually listening to what you just said, but I'm sure glad you stopped, because this gives me a chance to tell you what's on MY mind."


The same kind of thing can happen with our own internal dialog.


For myself, I know that I have to work really hard sometimes to get my mind to give its undivided attention to something I consider worth thinking about.


All too often, I start thinking about something and the old "Yes, but..." comes rising up from the depths.


The "Yes, but..." response is ultimately a defensive move. It's there to protect you from change and uncertainty.


But sometimes you need to open yourself up to some change and uncertainty.


And those are the times when you need to listen out for that "Yes, but..." voice inside your head and put it to one side.


It may be preventing you from seeing and focusing on something really important to your future.



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