Companies charge higher fees than freelancers.


When we first hang out our shingles as freelancers, we tend to quickly announce our availability to do whatever work we do best.


Maybe you are great at writing sales copy, or business reports, or white papers, or resumes.


And perhaps you started out by saying, "Hi, my name is Joe Bloggins and I specialize in writing white papers."


This often leads to a web site that has the domain and copy that says something like, "I have been a professional white paper writer for 10 years and can guarantee the quality of the work I do for you."


In other words, you trade under your own name and market your services based on your experience as an individual.


Is there a problem here? Not necessarily.


But if you market yourself as Joe Bloggins you'll be putting yourself alongside every other freelancer in the world who writes white papers. And you'll soon find yourself having to compete with the prices they charge, however low they may be.


If you are something of a celebrity in the world of white papers, then you can charge more and capitalize on your fame and reputation.


But if you don't have celebrity status, it's worth looking at a simple way to get yourself free of that vast pool of competing freelance writers.


That process can be as simple as changing your name from to


As you can present yourself as a company, of which you are the founder.


Is there an advantage here?


Sure there is. As a company you can charge more than you can as a non-celebrity individual.


The reason why you can charge more is not hard to figure out. Your prospective clients are used to paying more for the services of a company than they are for the work of individual freelancers.


By marketing yourself as a company, of which you are the founder, you are immediately increasing the perceived value of your services.


When you look at your own freelance writing service, imagine how it might be transformed into a company…and how that might help you increase the fees you charge.



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