"The problem is...I started to think."


These were the first words spoken to me at the beginning of a coaching call recently.


As soon as I heard them, I knew that the conversation could continue in one of two ways.


My client had either moved himself forward with some smart, constructive thinking.


Or he had got himself stuck with some self-destructive or self-limiting thinking.

As it turned out, he had taken the smart, positive direction.


But his opening phrase reminded me how very sensitive we are, as freelancers, to what and how we think.


Thinking is a powerful tool, either way.


Some freelancers I know are incredibly talented and could use their talents to create remarkable businesses. The trouble is, they spend too much time thinking about how they are not very good at what they do at all. Or about how there are so many steps to take before they can achieve any level of real success.


Or they think about all the competing copywriters out there. They think about the slump in the economy. They think they are not worth the amount of money they would like to charge.


And so on.


They use the power of thought to bring themselves to a standstill.


In other cases, the power of thinking can have the opposite effect.


My client on that call had been thinking about the new direction he was planning for his business. He had made some smart changes to what we had discussed the week before. He had his eye on the future and was planning to build a business that is very different from what he is doing now.


He was thinking carefully and deliberately about what he wanted to do, how he wanted to spend his time, how he could build a business that would make good money AND make him smile.


What we think and how we think has a huge role in determining what we get.

What kind of thinker are you?


Do you think your way forward? Or do you think your way to a standstill?


Do you want help thinking your way forward to a better future? Find out about my coaching service...



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