To get new freelance assignments, follow the path of least resistance.


You need some new work, fairly urgently.


You know you're going to have to approach some new prospective clients.


And you know that your best way through the door is to pick up a small assignment first, do a great job, and then follow up to get more work.


In other words, I wouldn't approach a new prospect and suggest they hire me to rewrite their entire web site. Instead I would suggest I rewrite one of their landing pages.


I would say, "Would you like this landing page to convert better? I think I can help you with that."


I'm good with landing pages and I enjoy writing them. So that's the route I usually take. I feel comfortable pitching my services in that area, so I sound confident when I make the pitch.


That's what I mean by following the path of least resistance.


There is very little resistance for me, because I feel totally confident about writing landing pages.


And there isn't much resistance for the prospective client either, because they have very little to lose. If my new page version bombs, they just go back to the one they had before. Not much damage done.


How about you? What's your path of least resistance?


I have a coaching client who was talking about approaching some new prospects. As she was talking, it sounded like this was going to be quite hard for her.


At least, it sounded that way right up to when she said, "Hey, I could look at their short product descriptions and suggest that I could write them more effectively."


She had found her path of least resistance. I could hear it in her voice. She felt confident about pitching the idea, and about doing the work.


When you need to get work, it helps a lot if you feel good about it.


So what is your path of least resistance? Writing emails? White papers? Case studies? Web site sales pages? Direct mail letters? Postcards?


Whatever it is, use that as your way in when looking for new work. You'll feel better about pitching your services, and your confidence will lead to more prospects saying yes and giving you work.


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