The “paired approach” to finding the best freelance writing or copywriting niche.


If you are a freelance writer or copywriter, you absolutely don’t want to be a generalist who writes anything for anyone.


When you do that, you place yourself in a huge pool of other writers and get into price bidding wars that go in one direction only. Down.


You need to become a specialist. Specialists get paid more.


This is why new freelancers are advised to select a niche. Become a financial copywriter. A healthcare copywriter. A consumer electronics copywriter. And so on.


That’s not bad advice. But there is a growing problem. So many copywriters have now staked their claim in these primary niche areas they are beginning to experience the same problem. Too many competing writers and too much downward pressure on their fees.


This is where the “paired approach” comes in.


First, choose your industry niche – financial, healthcare, travel, consumer electronic, entertainment, hospitality or whatever else.


Then take just one slice of that niche by pairing it with a specialized area of expertise.


For instance:

- I am a copywriter specializing in social media for the hospitality industry.


- I specialize in search engine copywriting for the healthcare industry.


- I write white papers for the financial services industry.


- I write online sales pages for the general aviation industry.

You get the idea?


As soon as you pair a specific area of expertise to an industry niche, two good things happen.


First, the pool of competing copywriters is dramatically reduced in size, meaning you’ll find it easier to win each client or project you target.


Second, your prices go up. The more specific and tight your area of expertise, the more you can charge.


If you feel there are too many other freelance copywriters fighting for work in your niche, try taking this paired approach. I think it will help you.


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