If you want to feel happier as a freelancer, set some more ambitious and worthwhile goals.


Maybe your freelance business has hit a plateau. It’s just chugging along. No problems, no money worries. But work is becoming a drag.


There is plenty of research available that supports the idea that your lack of motivation may be linked to the fact that you are not stretching yourself sufficiently.


Workers, whether employed or freelance, tend to be happier when they are being stretched. Learning and applying new skills stimulates us. Trying to achieve a worthy, but hard to achieve goal, excites us.


I know this to be true myself.


About fifteen years ago I made a large and sudden change in my freelance copywriting business. I made the change because I had become bored with what I was doing.


That boredom soon translated into feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Getting up in the morning was a drag. Work was a drag.


So I made a dramatic change in the work I was doing and set myself a new, very demanding, big hairy goal.


It was scary, but fun.


Suddenly I had all cylinders firing again. I was learning new stuff. I was in contact with new people. Work was fun again.


I have always remembered that time, and try to take its lesson to heart.


Whenever I start feeling a little jaded about my work, I sit back and review my long-term goals. I ask myself whether it’s time to aim for something a little different, and a whole lot more ambitious.


We often think we are driven by the desire to pay the bills and chase a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


But that kind of goal doesn’t make us happy, and doesn’t drive us to do our very best work.


If you want to love your work, stretch your abilities and make more money, you need to set goals that are hard to achieve, and which feel worthwhile at a deep, personal level.


It’s our desire to really stretch ourselves and achieve a worthy result that is the true driving forces behind our work.







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